Things to note before your session!



Arrive 10-15 minutes early

Since sessions are back to back and Sacajawea park is a ways from everyone, make sure to arrive early, especially if you have a few kids to get ready!

Take a deep breath

Relax for a second when your at the park.  Wipe any “snack faces” and remember to laugh and have a great time because we’re here to have fun and document those precious moments we get our families at this age.


Sessions are 20 minutes a piece. We’ll be moving quickly through a few different spots.   I’ll take a few family pictures, kid pictures, couple pictures and individual pictures of everyone.  Let me know ahead of time if you want something special.  Dogs are welcome (:

You might meet my assistant Marianne and we’ll be headed to the little beach spot first.  That will be our meeting point.

Image Delivery

After the session is completed I’ll be sending you an online viewing.  There you can pick out your pictures!


To the right you’ll Get an idea of some looks anyone could pull Together


We’ll hopefully be getting a range of colors so neutrals always look great.  A contemporary look is to pick out a palette of colors that look good together and then try not to match too hard.

I like to start with the person who has the hardest time finding something they like (mom?) or a cute new outfit that you definitely want someone wearing.  Then coordinate from there.