Senior Portraits

Redmond Oregon Senior Portraits


Congratulations you’re graduating! It’s finally time to celebrate your accomplishments and who you’re becoming. Boring studios can’t reflect that. They can feel fake, contrived and rushed. I take time on each of my senior sessions getting to know you, in a location that speaks to you- whether that’s outdoors in nature with your dog, or in your favorite coffeeshop, downtown area, in a pool, or maybe at your current or future college campus. Let’s go exploring & get creative to create some really unique portraits.

“But I’m not photogenic!” That’s the most common thing I hear and I heard it from just about everyone I photograph. I’ll be awkward, weird, clumsy and nerdy enough for both of us so you don’t have to be. And yes, that includes the guys too! I know you may not even want your photos taken, but I promise to make it fun. Yes, I said fun!


How Long Have You Been Photographing Seniors?

I’ve been photographing high school seniors for the past decade.  I’ve worked with a lot of seniors during that time and know all the tricks to making you feel & look amazing.

Can I Bring More Than One Outfit?

Absolutely! You can bring as many as you think you can change into during our allotted time.  We recommend 2-3.

Do You Have A Studio?

I am an on location photographer, so I typically travel to locations for my shoots.  I use a combination of natural light and studio lights. If your interested in more of a studio  setting we can absoloutly rent a location.

Do You Sell Digital Files?

Yes, digital files are an option. I offer both prints, portrait albums & digital files with my portrait sessions. Contact me for full pricing info.

What Equipment Do You Use?

I use a Sony AR7II with 42.2 megapixels (which means I can offer really large prints) and a combination of natural light and portable studio lights.  As a backup camera I have a Nikon 750.