I love helping my clients select their outfits for their senior sessions but if you’re looking for some inspiration? start here.  Take some time to think about who you are and the look you’d like to go for.  Consider outfits you feel great in and activities you love most. Bring a couple of outfits including a formal and casual look.

Accessories and Shoes

Accessories play an important part in pulling your outfit together.  Even basic pieces can look amazing with the right jewelery and shoes.

Make Up And Nails

There’s a difference between everyday make up and camera ready make up.  Working with a professional makeup artist can help you feel confident and less stressed. If you choose to do your own make up, try practicing a few looks before your big day so you can feel comfortable with the end result.  The camera sees less detail than the human eye so feel free to do a slightly more dramatic look than your normally would, especially around the eyes.

Neutral colored nails work best for pictures.  I use the hands to frame your face so bright neon colors or chipped polish can be distracting.  Think soft pinks, neutral nudes and clear for a soft, classy shine.

Boho Girl

For those wild free spirits, the boho girl is always a gorgeous look.  Perfect for sunsets and fields, this look is filled with soft layering, textures and patterns with a pop of color.  Giving you a look that is colorful, natural and lovely.

Recommendations:  Bring several seperate pieces for stylized looks and layering.  Think about a hat, lace, some ecclectic jewelery, a long skirt, a kimono, and shooting during sunset. You can’t go wrong with braided hair either.

The Classic look

Pull out the stripes and plaid for the classic look.  Even a pleated skirt, neat plain tshirts, a jacket  or riding boots would create a look that will never go out of style.

Recommendations:  Bring several seperate pieces for stylized looks and layering. Think about jackets, small jewelry, or heels.  This look is great in a city setting.

Rocker Chic

For the rebel or at least the girl who wants to rock it you can’t go wrong with this classic look.  It’s filled with ripped jeans, leather, black, neutrals and plaids.

Recommendations:  Think about some statement jewelry that fits your brand and even a pop of color in your hair. Consider more urban settings.

Country Girl

Let’s go to the country for this, ride some horses or play with some dogs for the full country look and don’t forget the boots.  This look is full of denim, flannel, sun dresses and clothes that will hold up to some fun.

Recommendations:  Bring several looks and consider bringing a cowboy hat or plaiting your hair.