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Ericka Reynaga is an Enrollment Specialist for TCCH and based upon the nominations received from her peers, Ericka excels in her daily interactions and endeavors. Here are some of the reasons her coworkers believe Ericka deserves recognition as Employee of the Month for January:

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We appreciate all the hard work and dedication our employees give us.  Join us in celebrating these employees and the excellent service they have given to our community.

13+ Years

  • Margarita Vivero, Patient Benefits Coordinator 27
  • Estella Garcia, WIC Certifier/Clerk 22
  • Carmen Mendez, Dental Assistant 18
  • Sandra Navarro, Receptionist 17
  • Juan Arroyos, Collections Specialist 16
  • Yesenia Colvin, Health Care Assistant 16
  • Yolanda Contreras, Receptionist 15
  • Norma Rojas, Provider Scribe 13
  • Rosa Vargas, Health Care Assistant 13

1-10 Years

  • Antonia Gonzalez, Operator Scheduler 9
  • Reiien McLendon, Financial Analyst 8
  • Richard Williams, Physician 7
  • Geralyn Retzel, Psychiatric Registered Nurse 5
  • Christy Ortiz, Certified Medical Assistant 4
  • Saul Valencia, Physician 3
  • Shruti Aggarwal, Physician 3
  • Aracely Carranza Balderas, CMA 3
  • Lydia Tobias, WIC Clerk 3
  • Maria Lara Chavez, Peer Counselor 3
  • Rosa Ruesga, WIC Clerk 3 Francisca Cruz, CMA 3
  • Maritza Aguilar, CMA 3
  • Charisao Srisuthipornsakul, ARNP 2
  • Cristina Espinoza, CMA 1
  • Joseph Poston, ARNP 1
  • Maria Guevara, Physician 1
  • Martin Valadez, Director of Business Dev. & PR 1
  • Joshua Hughes, ARNP 1
  • Cleanne Johnson, Registered Dietitian 1
  • Jesenia Galvez, Peer Counselor 1
  • Justin Herzog, Lab/X-Ray Tech 1


New Hires
Story With



Patient Comments include:

  • Very hospitable atmosphere and courteous staff.
  • Very fast and professional.
  • My provider and his assistant always make me feel welcomed. I would recommend them to any one.
  • I have to say it’s the best service I’ve received in a medical office.
  • Gracias por su servicio./ Thanks for your service.
  • Muy satisfecho, fiu atendico muy bien/ Very satisfied, I was attended very well.
  • Very professional, made my son feel safe and comfortable very happy thanks.
  • We are so impressed with the genuine care given by the providers.
  • Muy amables todo el personal/ All the staff is very nice.
  • Muy bueno ya que nos queda cercas a casa/ Very good and it’s close to my house.
  • Nurses and provider gave exceptional service.
  • Jenette and Dr. Hughes are the best.. This is the best place because of them.

Story 2

Q3 2015 Overall Patient Satisfaction

Josh and his team collected the highest number of surveys in quarter 3 at 256 surveys.
His team also reached a 92% overall patient satisfaction score for the Very Good.
  • La clinic is very clean, they treat you with respect and Joshua Hughes is the best.
  • I love that he explained things to me, two thumbs up!
  • It was a great and quick visit, thank you.
  • I’m very pleased with all members of the clinic, very nice.
  • Fabulous and convenient .
  • Very great care and fast appointment.
  • Got help right away, great job thank you.
  • Very impressed by all the information and professionalism .
  • I like the staff a lot. Never had friendly staff before .

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Story 3

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Slide 1

Overall Patient Satisfaction for the “Very Good” score

Q4 2015 Dr. Saul Valencia

Achieved an overall patient satisfaction score of 94%

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